Priyanka Chopra Kicked Off Her Bachelorette Party and Nick Jonas' Mom Told Her to "Be Good"

Priyanka Chopra celebrated her bachelorette party this weekend. The actress shared pictures from the festivities on Instagram and her future mother-in-law commented for her to be good.

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We still don't know exactly when Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas plan to tie the knot, but it has to be soon because Priyanka is hitting all of her pre-wedding milestones.

Last week, two of Priyanka's closest friends (but not Meghan Markle—boo) threw her a gorgeous bridal shower at Tiffany's in New York. The party went down at the at the Blue Box Cafe inside Tiffany’s flagship store, which is appropriate, since Nick bought Priyanka's enormous engagement ring from Tiffany's too.

Now, Priyanka has moved on to her next pre-wedding bash: Her bachelorette party. While Priyanka hasn't confirmed where the festivities are being held, People notes that the pictures she's been posting on Instagram from the weekend appear to have been taken in Amsterdam.

Priyanka's bachelorette party was definitely a destination event. On Friday, she shared a photo on her Instagram Story that confirmed she was leaving Los Angeles, at the very least. (The photo, of her dog sitting in a car, was captioned, "Bye Bye LA"—so it's not a guess to say that she left LA for the party.)

The guest list for the bachelorette weekend included film maker Shrishti Behl, Tamanna Dutt, Natasha Pal, Dana Supnick-Guidoni, Chanchal Dsouza and, of course, Priyanka's future sister-in-law Sophie Turner. Priyanka personally shared a picture of the whole squad "setting sail" on Sunday.

An Instagram post from Chanchal seems to confirm Amsterdam as the location of the bachelorette.

Priyanka wore a white, off-the-should sweater with feathers that was very reminiscent of the feathery Marchesa gown she wore to her bridal shower in NYC.

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Nick's mom and Priyanka's future mother-in-law, Denise, made it known that she's keeping an eye on the Instagram record of the big weekend. She commented on Priyanka's kick-off 'gram, "Be good." Comments by Celebs captured the magical comment, naturally:

Here are some more of the best pictures and videos from the weekend, and you can follow the excitement yourself on Instagram, since Priyanka's friends seem to be documenting the festivities with the hashtag #pcsbachelorette.

Sophie Turner shared this amazing picture of Priyanka decked out in a classic bachelorette sash:

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Priyanka gave Sophie a piggyback ride (in heels) and it was captured on video, thankfully:

The need for the piggyback ride is probably best summed up by these videos:

Priyanka's bachelorette has also been marked by glam decadence:

And so. Much. Food.

This party, like everything else about Priyanka's engagement, looks amazing.

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