Priyanka Chopra and Fiancé Nick Jonas Wore Matching Camo for a Ranch Date in Dallas, Texas

Couples that dress together, stay together.

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(Image credit: Rob Kim)

Is a day even complete anymore without your daily dose of "Priyanka Chopra and fiancé Nick Jonas Doing Cute Stuff"? Following their sporty celebrations for the singer’s 26th birthday earlier this week, the couple have done what they do best and jetted off for yet another enviable trip. The latest destination on their list is Dallas, Texas, where the newly engaged actress and singer started their vacay with a hearty trip to the ranch.

And, as everyone already knows, Priyanka and Nick proved that co-ordinated couple’s camouflage is the most foolproof way to show the world that you’re soulmates. Yeah, they’ve even started wearing team outfits together now, so I guess this means they take the official award home for "Most In Love."

Nick and Priyanka, decked out in matching camouflage print, identical baseball caps and even similar sunglasses, shared some great photos from their time in the great outdoors on Tuesday. Despite the soaring temperatures, they spent the day with friends at the Jonas family ranch in Dallas, and posed for a group pic which featured the Quantico star perched on her fiancé’s knee. Nick with his new mustache, meanwhile, was just doing his best Action Man impression.

Later on in the day, the couple changed into something more comfortable for a cruise through the land on a golf cart to chase golden hour.

At this point, it’s worth asking whether Nick and Priyanka will ever stop living out of suitcases. They’ve been constantly traveling the world ever since rumors of their relationship first began, with just some of their enviable destinations including London (where they hung out with Joe Jonas and his bride-to-be, Sophie Turner), as well as New York for Fashion Week, and a family-oriented stint in India to confirm their engagement.

Don’t get too jealous, though. Recently, during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Friday night, Nick revealed that their relationship isn’t quite perfect. Despite all of the hearts and flowers, the singer shared how Priyanka's pick for their couple nickname has affectionally become: “Prick." Okay, now I feel better.

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