Kendall Jenner Celebrated Her Birthday by Riding a Bike Around NYC in a Grinch-Green Fur Coat

It's her birthday and she'll do what she wants, damn it. 

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Yesterday, November 3, was Kendall Jenner's (opens in new tab) birthday. The reality star/supermodel turned 23 and she celebrated her special day by riding a bicycle around New York City while wearing a bright green, fur-lined coat, which begs the question: What did you do for your last birthday?

Kendall didn't just do the bike thing, of course. She also partied with fellow famous people, like Bella Hadid and Tyler, the Creator on Saturday night. The celebration apparently started out in the public eye (complete with Kendall in a cheap, cone-shaped cardboard birthday hat) before movie to a friend's apartment where the party could really start, according to TMZ (opens in new tab).

After the house party, Kendall and friends reportedly ventured back out into the city for some late night/early morning karaoke at the Sing Sing Karaoke bar. According to Cosmopolitan (opens in new tab), Kendall was joined by friends Joan Smalls and Justine Skye for the karaoke portion of the night and the group took a party bus to the bar. Low-key, Kenny.

And yeah, sure, partying with friends in New York City and tooling around in a party bus is great, but can we please go back to the bike ride and the green coat?

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That coat, by the way, is a Saks Potts coat (opens in new tab) and it costs $2,055. It's made of lambskin and fox fur. And it's all dyed lime green.

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SHOP IT (opens in new tab)

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Has anyone ever looked more purely joyous than Kendall Jenner on this damn Citi Bike?

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I'm pretty sure the answer is no, no they have not.

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Keep living your best life, Kendall.

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