Watch: Meghan Markle Gets Cooking at Charity Kitchen

The Duchess of Sussex visited the Hubb Community Kitchen, which has been devoted to helping the Grenfell Tower victims, today to prepare meals for the community.

The Duchess Of Sussex Visits The Hubb Community Kitchen
(Image credit: Chris Jackson)

This morning, Meghan Markle visited the Hubb Community Kitchen in a chic, holiday-ready outfit. She was visiting to to tour the new design of the space, which was made possible because of Meghan’s collaboration with them on a cookbook, called Together: Our Community Cookbook.

Her outfit was a red and black collared Club Monaco dress, underneath a nearly matching red-purple Club Monaco coat. Inside, she took off her coat, threw on an apron, rolled up her sleeves, and got to work helping the volunteers make 200+ meals for the surrounding community.

The Hubb Community Kitchen has been devoted to helping the Grenfell Tower victims and their families, in the wake of the tragic fire that killed 72 people. Meghan wrote the forward of the cookbook, which highlights local cultural food and the community. Her initial launch of the book also marked her first solo outing as a royal, according to Entertainment Tonight.

The Evening Standard reported that the book’s already a success, even before some of the big holiday shopping sprees coming this month and next. Since it launched in September, 39,000 copies have been sold to the tune of £210,000 ($268,000+). It hit the top of Amazon book charts and the New York Times bestseller lists. The proceeds of the book are also helping the kitchen do some new outreach and volunteer efforts.

Meghan may or may not be celebrating Thanksgiving with her thoroughly British in-laws, but there’s no law saying she can’t. Luckily, today might have been her unofficial celebration.

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