Meghan Markle's Velvet Club Monaco Dress Is 25 Percent Off for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The Duchess Of Sussex Visits The Hubb Community Kitchen
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This morning, Meghan Markle returned to the Hubb Community Kitchen to visit Grenfell Tower victims and celebrate the funds they raised for Together: Our Community Cookbook (over 40,000 copies have been sold in the U.K., you can buy it here). Meghan created the cookbook with the women for her first charity initiative, which aims to show "the power of cooking as a community, and the recipes that allow us to connect, share, and look forward," she wrote in the cookbook's emotional foreword.

During the visit, Meghan helped prepare 200 meals for the local community in a gorgeous velvet Club Monaco dress, which—surprise—isn't sold out yet and retails for $228. The dress, much more formal than the Safiyaa beaded dress she wore the other day, is perfect for the holidays too.

[image id='09aedb1c-6e9a-4b83-9282-9a872a22f6e1' mediaId='2919939b-0f97-408c-a6df-2fda10ee8d8e' align='center' size='medium' share='false' caption='' expand='' crop='original'][/image]

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Though you probably won't be able to rush ship it in time for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, there's still amazing news—the dress is currently on sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Club Monaco is hosting 25 percent off $150+, 30 percent off $250+, and 35 percent off $400+ using the code: CMBLACKFRIDAY18, so technically the dress will be over $50 off.

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And if you're feeling Meghan's coat too, that's also by Club Monaco and comes in light heather grey and camel. It's over $100 off (!) with the sale.

[product contentProductId='6033f26f-10e2-4a6f-96a9-fd6fe7ec9fd6' mediaId='8db7b2cc-f848-4704-bb73-70c48c04b2a5' align='center' size='large'][/product]

Thanks for the holiday inspo, Meg.

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