Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas Spend Thanksgiving in India Just a Week Before Their Rumored Wedding Date

It's looking more and more likely.

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While you tuck into a second helping of everything possibly available, it’s time to catch up with the celebrity side of things and find out how your favorite A-listers are spending Thanksgiving 2018. First stop, Priyanka Chopra and fiancé Nick Jonas, who have reunited for the holidays after some time apart. With the actress having been recently jet setting through Amsterdam, Paris and across to Delhi for her latest acting role, and Jonas holding the fort in NYC, the "Jealous" singer headed to India on Wednesday to join his future wife for the season’s celebrations.

Having finally touched down in Delhi, Nick and bride-to-be Priyanka were clearly overjoyed to be back together, and shared the single cutest Instagram photo to ever hit the internet. Of course, this is plain adorable—but might be a little much to stomach depending on how much pie you’ve eaten thus far.

As well as providing a solid reminder that love really does exist, and reinstating their position as Current Cutest Celebrity Engaged Couple (hey, don’t come for me—Bieber and Baldwin have already sealed the deal), Nick’s arrival in Delhi has also re-sparked the strong possibility that the couple may be preparing to tie the knot in just a mere matter of days.

As in, just seven whole days from now.

It makes sense that the highly anticipated wedding really could be just around the corner, therefore making this trip the start of preparations on the down low. The romance has been a whirlwind of spontaneous decisions ever since the very beginning, while Priyanka recently ticked her bridal shower off the To Do list, and both the bride and groom have recently thrown their own bachelor and bachelorette celebrations, too. Surely, next on the list would be the actual nuptials?

A selection of Indian news outlets claim that Priyanka and Nick’s traditional, pre-wedding sangeet ceremony is scheduled to take place in India this time next week, with the big, reportedly lavish day itself rumored to be taking place on Saturday December 1.

And here I am, still recovering from the bride’s Amazon registry wishlist. Hold onto your hats and confetti, folks—this wedding is coming soon.

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