Katie Holmes Wore a Rainbow Cardigan of Dreams with Jamie Foxx for Her Birthday

Katie Holmes just turned 40, and, to celebrate, she went out with her mom, boyfriend Jamie Foxx, and the most amazing multi-colored cardigan. The trio went to the famous Serendipity restaurant in New York for some food and sweet treats.

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Katie Holmes is one of the most private A-list actresses around, never commenting about her private life and only making a few public appearances. The glimpses we do get, though, show Holmes as a happy girlfriend to Jamie Foxx and devoted mom to her daughter, Suri Cruise. Holmes also just turned 40 (happy birthday, Katie!) and to celebrate, she went out with her mom, Foxx, and the most amazing multi-colored cardigan I have ever seen.

According to E! News, the trio went to the famous Serendipity restaurant in New York for some food and sweet treats. Foxx and Holmes arrived together but went in separately; they enjoyed desserts that included something called "Frrrozen Hot Chocolate" that sounds heavenly.

Trimmed in red and gold, the long cardigan had every possible color imaginable (insert "amazing technicolor dream coat" reference here). It goes with everything! My inner '90s child, who had rainbow stripes on everything, definitely wants it. Adult me might want it too. Holmes paired the look with chunky Gucci heels, light, high-waisted mom jeans—she is a mom, so that makes sense—and a light gray top. The star of the show was the outerwear, and rightly so. It was the perfect casual and weather-appropriate look.

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Here's the side view, because I know what you want. It's so fuzzy and warm-looking!

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Holmes was quiet on her birthday on social media, except to post herself in front of an angel wings painting with some smiley face captions. Even though she's not explicit about what's going on in her life these days, it's sweet to see her so happy—and she's still got it, style-wise.

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