Prince William Reveals the One Thing Prince George Could "Never Forgive" Him for Forgetting

During a recent royal engagement with the Air Ambulance Charity in London, Prince William revealed that Prince George would "never forgive" him if he didn't bring home a toy helicopter.

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Parents live to keep their kids happy and that includes royal parents, too. Keeping five-year-old Prince George happy involves exactly one thing, apparently: Never, ever forget to get him a toy helicopter if you have the chance to. 

George's dadPrince William, revealed this little tidbit in a light-hearted moment during one of his royal engagements this week.

Following a recent visit to the Air Ambulance Charity in London, Prince William was presented with an array of gifts—including a toy helicopter, which the Duke of Cambridge said he would absolutely have to take home to little George. 

"I can't get back without a helicopter; George will never forgive me," Will joked. Even though the comment was clearly playful and not serious (it seems highly unlikely that George would actually hold a lifelong grudge against anyone, least of all his own dad, for forgetting a toy on a business trip), George does have a reputation as a helicopter and airplane lover.

During a trip to Hamburg, Germany in 2017, shortly before his fourth birthday, George made headlines and melted hearts around the world when pictures of him looking absolutely in awe of the helicopters on the airstrip made the rounds. A quick reminder:

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In December, Will also hinted at George's obsession with helicopters during a visit to the Royal Air Force (RAF) station in Cyprus with Kate Middleton. "I told George this morning we were going to see the pilots today, and he said, ‘If you see a helicopter can you take a picture?'" Will revealed.

Since Will was a helicopter pilot in the RAF himself, we'll consider this a case of like father, like son.


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