Prince Harry Confirmed He's a Proud Feminist, Just in Case There Was Any Doubt

Like Meghan would marry someone who wasn't.

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Since joining the royal family, Meghan Markle has made it clear that she is a feminist through and through. As well as working closely with causes that celebrate women, female talent and female education across the board, the Duchess of Sussex has also given impressive official speeches that prove her passion for the subject. In fact, even before meeting Prince Harry and becoming a Duchess, Meghan participated in projects with the UN to encourage women in leadership.

So, with all that in mind, it was highly unlikely that she would ever have married a man who wasn’t a feminist. But, just in case there was any doubt on the matter, Prince Harry himself has announced this week that yep, he’s a proud feminist. Like you ever doubted him.

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Having supported all of Meghan’s work throughout their relationship, Harry now seems to have fully embraced his feminist views, and is proudly speaking them out loud. During their first royal engagement of the year, Harry and Meghan chose to meet with a group of women from the charity, Tomorrow’s Women Wirral, a cause which aims to support women in vulnerable circumstances.

Angela Murphy, CEO of the charity, shared the best moments from their visit, saying: “Harry initiated a group hug–there were about 15 women–it was a scrum. He said "come on, group hug." You don't expect that.”

Murphy shared: “During a discussion about Tomorrow’s Women Wirral being a women’s only centre Prince Harry, to our delight, declared ‘I’m a feminist’ and highlighted that it is equally important for men to support the movement in female empowerment!”

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Harry’s reported statement confirms everything that royal family fans already knew. During a royal engagement in Cardiff last year, Meghan herself told crowds that, of course, her husband was a feminist.

When one well wisher told the 37-year-old actress how wonderful it is to have a feminist in the royal family, the Duchess of Sussex happily replied: “Thank you. He’s [Harry] a feminist too.”

Ahh, the modern, equality-loving royal family that we all deserve.

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