Chelsea Clinton Confirms She's Pregnant With Her Third Child

Chelsea Clinton is an activist and author, following in the footsteps of her famous parents Hillary and President Bill Clinton. Now Clinton has more good news, which she announced officially on Twitter: she and her husband are pregnant with their third child.

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Chelsea Clinton is an activist and author, following in the footsteps of her famous parents Hillary and President Bill Clinton. She grew up in the spotlight and has taken on several causes that hold personal meaning for her, most recently with her newest children's book She Persisted Around the World. And now Clinton has more good news, which she announced officially on Twitter and was reported by PeopleShe's pregnant with her third child.  

Clinton married hedge fund executive Marc Mezvinsky in 2010 and has two children already, Charlotte, 4, and Aiden, 2. In the post, Clinton explained that "Marc and I have loved watching Charlotte be such a wonderful big sister and we’re excited to watch Aidan become a big brother!" Her due date is apparently later in the summer of this year.

Farther down the thread, a fan comments that her parents must be thrilled, and she responds,"Thank you! They are :)" So now we know how Bill and Hillary feel about becoming grandparents for the third time (no surprise there)!

Clinton has spoken positively about becoming a mother in the past. "“I didn’t know I could care more intensely about anything until I became a mom,” she told People. “Somehow I love my husband even more, I love my parents even more. I feel even greater urgency about the work that I do, particularly around women and girls being a mom of a daughter.”

Clinton's also discussed the importance of promoting women's rights for the next generation through her work as a writer. "We need more stories of women around the world—not only for girls anywhere, although that too, but for kids here in the United States."

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