This Week in Timothée Chalamet, February 1 Edition

Timothée Chalamet was caught checking out his program at the SAG Awards and Twitter freaked out. Then he took a photo with some interesting gents (read: Kanye, among others). Here's what else Timmy got into this week.

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Because being a person in the world is hard and you deserve something nice, this is's semiregular column on everything talented young man Timothée Chalamet did that week. You can catch up on last week's here.

Hello, mountain chickadees, and welcome back to another edition of This Week in Timothée Chalamet. Can I tell you something? I’m worried that Timmy's Oscar snub (which I don’t ever want to think about again, and even though I must watch the Oscars because of my job, I am avoiding them spiritually) has scared him into the depths of his work, where we will experience a drought of social media content that lasts until he has to promote The King and that date is TBA and it’s for Netflix so who even knows what kind of rounds he’ll be doing!

With that in mind, let’s relish in the last few events of Awards Season, where we’ll get to take in his brave fashion choices and all be together one last time.

BTW, I’m going out of town on vacation and won’t be back to update this column—which I love to assume everyone waits around for in restless anticipation but which realistically I suspect people see on Twitter and think, “Oh that girl still, uh, really likes Timothée Chalamet, doesn’t she?”—until late February. Sorry! (I’m...not sorry. Sorry.)

On to the néws!

Timmy read a book during the SAG Awards!

That cheeky boi. Though we now know he was actually just checking his event program, the Screen Actors Guild is pretty low on the Obligatory Award Shows interest list, so if he were reading, say, Dune, I would understand (though that’s a hefty book to haul around). Even if Timmy didn’t win an award for his category at the SAGs (ughh this awards season is going to make me see Green Book, isn’t it? I already watched Roma, haven’t I suffered enough?) I am glad he showed up at least 45 percent for his fellow union members.

Here are some pieces of online engagement, ranked by how good the content is:

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I would never try to convince you, Olivia.


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That was (kind of) my line!

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Guys, what? That is...not how that joke works.

Your ex-boyfriend Oscar Isaac is your current boyfriend Timmy’s dad!

Timmy is, admittedly, a little young as a love interest which is why I (and many others my age) refer to him as our boyfriend/son. Oscar Isaac is only too old for me in the sense of us having anything in common to talk about, though I acknowledge that if I were an actress, in 5 years I’d probably be playing his mom, despite the fact that he’s more than a decade older than I am.

But when Oscar Isaac was Our Collective Internet Boyfriend a few years ago, that didn’t matter to me. And it matters to me even less now that Timmy is Our Collective Internet Boyfriend/Son. And where I once felt trapped between two worlds, I now feel as though I have chosen the best of all possible ones, as Oscar Isaac will play Timmy’s dad in the Dune remake!

once read that fauxcest (link basically SFW) is the fastest-growing porn trend, and I felt compelled to include that information here.

Of this news, my actual boyfriend said, “But Oscar Isaac doesn’t have blue eyes and the whole House Atreides thing is that they have black hair and blue eyes.” To which I shrieked, “Shut up, nerd!” and shoved him in a locker.

Also! According to Collider, Zendaya might play Timmy’s love interest in the movie, which would fill my heart with glee because I just love them both so, so much.

Anyway, looking forward to watching Dune with my béautiful family.

Timmy lip synced to Mariah Carey!

Though this happened earlier this month, the video has just emerged of Timmy on French talk show Quotidien during which he lip synced to Mariah Carey’s “Giving Me Life.”

Does Timmy stan Mariah?! He knows the words!

And I laughed at the first comment:

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Oh is he? Hmmm. Yeah, I guess I could see that. In certain lights.

Timmy went to Kid Cudi's birthday dinner and Kanye and Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian were there!

So much happening in this photograph:

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It makes sense that Timmy would be with Kid Cudi on his birthday—he once considered Cudi his idol but now considers him his friend (I love this journey for you, Tim!) and it makes sense that as frequent collaborators, Kanye would be in attendance too. And if Kanye is there of course Kim is there. And Pete Davidson is there because where isn't Pete Davidson? But I don't know. Something about the entire combination of them is jarring to behold.

Perhaps if we view it from another angle?

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Nope, still weird. Well, hey, maybe Lil Timmy Tim is making a triumphant return to the rap game and this is totally normal business talk. ("Statistics - Remix (feat. Kid Cudi)"!)

Anyway, that’s the news. Until we meet again—later this month—have a beautiful wéekend.

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