There's Been an Update About a Potential 'Gossip Girl' Reboot

Gossip Girl: The show that gave us the best preppy-modern fashion and made us fall in love with the cast. I mean, Blake Lively AND Penn Badgley AND Leighton Meester are all alums of the show. And now the CW president just dropped a MAJOR hint that we might get more angsty prep school drama. That's right. There's been discussion of a reboot.

Gossip Girl: The show that gave us the best preppy-modern fashion and made us fall in love with the really really ridiculously good-looking cast. I mean, Blake Lively AND Penn Badgley AND Leighton Meester are all alums of the show, so we were truly #blessed with the hotness. And now the CW president just dropped a MAJOR hint that we might get more angsty prep school drama. That's right. There's been discussion of a reboot.

Per E! News, CW President Mark Pedowitz said there's "a discussion happening" about whether to bring back the show. "But I don't know if we're there yet."

Apparently the deciding factor for Pedowitz will be whether original executive producers (Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage) can sign on. "'Cause you don't want to do anything without them."

When last there was discussion of a reboot in 2016, Schwartz broke all our hearts and said there were no plans, although he did acknowledge, "The world has become Gossip Girl now...Now literally everyone is Gossip Girl." Which is thrilling and also a little depressing.

A potential reboot could mean totally different stars, a different location, a different timeframe—like the recent Charmed reboot, it could essentially have different DNA than the original show. But since the original cast was so beloved, it would be silly at least not to have cameos. (In my mind, I want a reboot to explore the kids of all the original characters—Serena and Blair as catty moms would be the best.)

The original stars have also obviously moved on from the show, which ended in 2012: Badgley (You), Lively (A Simple Favor), and Meester (Single Parents) are just a few of the former cast members who have projects they're working on currently. But how amazing would it be to see the actors reprise their iconic roles? I myself will never be satisfied until I have confirmation that a certain maid is making a cameo. You guessed it: I'm coming out as Team Dorota.

There's obviously been no official talk from the main stars. Blake Lively did, however, channel her infamous character Serena van der Woodsen in a highly glittery outfit on the steps of the Met (which you can shop here): 

Fingers crossed it's a sign.

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