Meghan Markle Has Been Working with a Doula As She Preps for Her First Delivery

Meghan Markle hasn't just been prepping her new house for the arrival of the new baby. She's also been working with a doula as she prepares for her first delivery. 

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Meghan Markle hasn't just been prepping her new house for the arrival of the new baby—which, since the baby is due in the spring, needs to get done ASAP. She's also been reportedly working with a doula as Markle prepares for her first delivery, according to Us Weekly.

"Meghan is focused on calm and positive energy around the birth — she’s a big believer in that," said the royal source to Us Weekly. The doula has reportedly made regular visits to Meghan at home, presumably to coach and guide her as she gets closer to the big day. 

Prince Harry is also reportedly involved in preparations for Meghan's big moment. Says the source, he "is doing everything he can to make sure Meghan’s comfortable and happy." No big surprise, there, but it's nice to see that he's active in the process—I can't wait to see his happy, delighted grin once the new arrival comes.

Meanwhile, it was business as usual for Meghan as she stepped out with Prince Harry to take a historic tour of Bristol (120 miles away from London). She stepped out in the most amazing and tall high heels—so, business as usual for the stylish princess.

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The word is that March may be the date when all the work on Frogmore Cottage is done, which would make the baby's arrival (rumored to potentially be April or May, although it's not clear) VERY soon after the couple move in to their new digs. It's going to be a whirlwind couple of months.

"The one thing that’s holding up some of the work is the eco/energy center at the heart of Frogmore Cottage," a source told Us. "It was important for Harry to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible." So, a time-consuming, but VERY worthy effort on the part of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

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