Meghan Markle Makes Wearing Heels in the Snow Look Effortless

The snowy weather couldn't keep Meghan Markle and Prince Harry away from an outing in Bristol today. Meghan donned a similar outfit from yesterday in all black, with an Oscar de la Renta dress and a black jacket by William Vintage. But the real star of the show were Meghan's olive Sarah Flint "Marina" boots with a tan heel.

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The snowy weather couldn't keep Meghan Markle and Prince Harry away from an outing in Bristol today to tour the Bristol Old Vic—the world's oldest working theatre—and chat with some adorable primary school kids who showed up to see them. The snow made a gorgeous backdrop as the couple toured the historic city.

Meghan donned a similar outfit from yesterday in all black, with an Oscar de la Renta dress and a black jacket by William Vintage (first spotted by Daily Mail royal reporter Rebecca English). Instead of a topknot like yesterday, Meghan wore her hair down in gorgeous, loose waves.

But the real star of the show were Meghan's olive Sarah Flint "Marina" boots with a tan heel—which is still available in select sizes. Meghan, who loves cool, stylish, fashion-forward shoes, gracefully balanced on the gorgeous 3.3" heels as if it was easy and effortless.

Sarah Flint is a much-beloved brand to Meghan, and makes up a big part of her regular shoe roster. Here's video of the boots in action:

I'm not even sure I could wear those boots right now, and there's no snow where I am and I'm also not pregnant. Proof positive that Meghan is a style superhero.

More video of Harry and Meghan chatting with small children (I know what you like):

Apparently they were all safely bundled up, lest we be worried, but with adorable costumes on underneath. They were also very interested in snacking on crackers while meeting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (priorities).

Here's the full look:

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The perfect pop of color.

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