Sarah Hyland Gave Us ALL the Meaningful Photos From Her Relationship With Wells Adams

Sobbing. I'm sobbing.

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Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams: We already know some details of their love story, which are both epic and heart-wrenching. Because I and a lot of other people love them so much—I'm team engagement to the max—for Valentine's Day, Sarah gave us the best gift. In her Instagram Stories, she shared the pictures we haven't seen before: The texts they exchanged after they first met and she was about to go into surgery; the care package he sent her, their amazing vacations; and sweetly intimate moments. Hyland capped it off with pictures and videos from what they did this Valentine's Day, and it will...melt your heart.

Captioning her photo timeline as "The beginning of us," Sarah gave dates of all these important moments. Wells sent Sarah encouraging texts in September 2017. Like, literally as Sarah was going in for surgery, Wells was wishing her luck, telling her to FaceTime him right after, and telling her how much he liked her:

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Then he DOUBLED DOWN on being a good dude by sending her care packages that I'm pretty sure everyone is jealous of (taco socks? Yes please!):

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(Image credit: Sarah Hyland)

And she sent him pictures of her recovery:

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From there, the relationship blossomed in a beautiful, quirky way. Sarah shared birthdays, vacations, and more big moments. Here are a few of the best ones (seriously, she shared a ton):

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By the time she got to the video of them moving in together, I might actually have been tearing up:

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(Image credit: Sarah Hyland)

And she ended with a sweet declaration of love for Wells and the dogs they've added to their family:

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(Image credit: Sarah Hyland)

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(Image credit: Sarah Hyland)

Sarah and Wells spent their actual Valentine's Day at home, with wine, making pizza, chilling with their dogs. Super casual but also just perfect for the low-key pair:

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(Image credit: Sarah Hyland)

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(Image credit: Sarah Hyland)

Annnd I love them even more, somehow. Their photo timeline is magic, so, thank you, Sarah.

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