Tristan Thompson Drinks Wine With His Pals (and Maybe a New Woman)

Tristan Thompson is keeping cool amid the Khloé Kardashian-Jordyn Woods-Kylie Jenner-Kardashian madness that's swirling around him right now.

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Tristan Thompson—keeping cool amongst the Khloé Kardashian-Jordyn Woods-Kylie Jenner-Kardashian madness currently swirling around him right now. According to the Daily Mail, last night the basketball player and friends went to Carbone Italian restaurant, which is in Manhattan, and chilled out. Tristan confirmed that he was out and about with a video on his Instagram Stories. Tristan doesn't say anything in the video, and just toasts with his friends. Not pictured, but apparently included among that group was apparently a "mystery brunette."

According to sources who spoke to the Daily Mail, "She waited outside patiently before Tristan ducked his head out the door and brought her inside where he drank red wine and ate pasta for nearly four hours. The model was seen exiting first, and walking down the block alone. Tristan emerged three minutes later, making a quick sprint from the kitchen door of the restaurant and into a car."

Tristan hasn't commented on the entire situation beyond a tweet-and-delete saying that the whole Kardashian-Woods-Jenner situation was "fake news." And he wasn't about to comment tonight, either, beyond the obvious implication that he is doing fine and keeping relaxed despite the gossip.

Honestly, Tristan, that is a BOLD CHOICE given what's going on right now.

Here's a still from Tristan's Instagram Story (it's a video of him and his friends, lady not pictured, toasting with wine):

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(Image credit: Tristan Thompson)

And you can go here to see the Daily Mail's picture of said lady.

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