Demi Lovato Reportedly Went to a Treatment Facility—but Not Because of a Relapse

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In July of last year, Demi Lovato reportedly overdosed on heroin and was rushed to the hospital. Now, People is reporting that Demi recently checked into a treatment facility for a couple weeks to focus on herself, not because she relapsed. People's also reporting that Demi has broken up with her boyfriend of a few months, designer Henry Levy, but obviously it's not clear exactly the order of those events or whether they're connected.

“She has not relapsed since she overdosed. She did recently go to a facility, but it was her own decision,” a source said. “It was one trip to a treatment facility for a few weeks outside of Los Angeles.”

Demi has since left and is “taking care of herself and is in a positive place,” the source added. “She’s working out and getting back in the studio to make music.” I'm really excited about that last part, because Demi's always been honest and real through her music.

Demi and Henry Levy were initially spotted in November 2018 after she left a treatment facility for her relapse. The last time we saw the couple together was on Henry's Instagram on January 14, and that was several weeks ago. It's unclear when exactly they broke up, and whether it was before, during, or after Demi checked herself in.

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Meanwhile, Demi's showing off how much she's fighting for herself—in this case literally. Demi's been doing jiu-jitsu for a while now, and yesterday she literally punched her MMA trainer's tooth out.

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She's crushin' it.

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