Prince Harry Wore His Military Dress to a Festival with Marines and Twitter Loved It

On Saturday night, the Prince Harry attended the annual Mountbatten Festival of Music at the Royal Albert Hall. He wore his best military dress for the occasion and Twitter users couldn't contain their thoughts (and GIFs) about how hot he looked.

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Last night, Prince Harry attended the annual Mountbatten Festival of Music at the Royal Albert Hall. The yearly event showcases the Royal Marines Band and helps raise money for the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines Charity, according to posts on social media from Kensington Palace. Harry's appearance at the event was a bit of a surprise, since the Palace only announced his plans a few hours before the festival started.

Harry didn't just attend the festival, he was the guest of honor at the event, the proceeds from which will go to The Royal Marines Charity and CLIC Sargent. The two-hour concert included performances by more than 200 musicians and the Marine bands performed a wide range of songs, including popular hits by Take That and music from the movie The Greatest Showman.

The Palace also shared pictures of Harry, who in addition to being the Duke of Sussex is also the Captain General of the Royal Marines, attending the event in his best military dress. That "best military dress" included a crisp white shirt, a black bowtie, a red coat, black pants with red stripes, and Harry's all kinds of military regalia. In short, Harry looked hot—just ask Twitter, where the Ginger Prince Thirst was real.

Here are some of the best (/thirstiest) tweets in response to Harry's ~lewk~:

But don't worry, at least one person was looking out for Meghan...kind of.

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