Prince William and Kate Middleton Plant a 950-Foot Hedge at Kensington Palace to Protect Their Privacy

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  • The view of Kensington Palace just got a little more obscured. Prince William and Kate Middleton had a long row of laurel trees planted along the back side of the property recently.
    • The new hedge is 950-feet long and comprised of 600 laurel trees which are planted about 18 inches apart. The hedge is only about three-feet high right now, but will eventually grow much taller—above head height—and will obscure the view of the back of the property from photographers and tourists.
      • According to the Daily Mail, the new line of trees cost an estimated £15,000 to plant and the task took royal gardeners days to complete.

        Prince William and Kate Middleton have taken a bold new step to ensure their privacy, planting a 950-feet-long hedge of 600 laurel trees on their property at Kensington Palace in a move that will block the view of photographers and fans alike.

        According to the Daily Mail, the line of trees cost an estimated £15,000 to plant and the eventual hope is that they will grow above head height, tall enough to obscure the back view of Kensington Palace. As of right now, the laurel trees are only about three-feet high. The long row includes 600 trees planted about 18 inches apart from one another, a feat that took the gardeners at Kensington Palace days to complete, apparently.

        While the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge haven't officially come out with a statement explaining the new hedge, it's widely-believed to be a move for more privacy and, ultimately, more safety for them and their three children, George, 5, Charlotte, 3, and Louis, 1.

        The hedge will also block the view of the Kensington Palace helicopter pad on Perks Field. Will and Kate use the helicopter almost daily to travel to royal engagements and its landing site is a frequent target for people hoping to snap a photo of the royals.

        "From time to time adjustments are made to the landscaping and gardens, including hedging," a palace spokesman said, according to Express.

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