Chrissy Teigen Is Named a TIME Most Influential Person—and Gets a Hilarious, Fan-Made Cover

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    • Chrissy was kind of bummed she didn't get a cover, but never fear—fans came to the "rescue."

        Chrissy Teigen got a huge honor from TIME when they released their "The 100 Most Influential People" list—and she was on it. Eric Ripert wrote, in part, "What I love most about Chrissy Teigen is that she’s very much herself. She may be glamorous and an icon in elegance, but she’s extremely approachable and warm." Ummmm, same.

        Chrissy was, understandably, delighted, thanking both TIME and Ripert for the incredible honor. She was a little bummed she didn't get a cover but had an immediate solution: "Can someone photoshop me onto the cover I didn’t get one feel free to use any photo" she wondered aloud to her fans. Note: Never do this unless you're prepared to deal with what fans give you.

        Surprise, surprise, fans immediately came to the rescue, photoshopping an amazing photo of Chrissy to give her a very dorky, silly cover of her very own:

        "I'd like to think you saw this coming," wrote the creator @CharCubed. And Chrissy, understandably, was delighted—proving that she's totally deserving of her Top 100 title for being so real and warm to her fans.

        Then, of course, trolls came rushing in—apparently because Chrissy uses swear words, she shouldn't be an influential person? Didn't everyone on the Top 100 list swear at some point in their lives?—and Chrissy shut them down immediately.

        You tell 'em, Chrissy.

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