Jessie J Shared a Sexy Birthday Message for Channing Tatum on Instagram

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  • Friday marked a special occasion for Channing Tatum. The actor celebrated his 39th birthday.
  • Channing's girlfriend, singer Jessie J, shared some sexy love for her guy on Instagram. In an Instagram Story post, Jessie sang, "It's your birthday, do, do what you want," while zooming in on a graphic of a woman saying, "I want you."
  • Channing was apparently present when she filmed the clip, and can be heard laughing in the background.

Channing Tatum celebrated his 39th birthday on Friday and his girlfriend, singer Jessie J, gave her man a subtly sexy shoutout to mark the occasion. Channing and Jessie have been dating since at least fall of 2018 and went public with their relationship about six months after the actor and his ex, Jenna Dewan, announced their decision to split.

In a post on her Instagram Story Friday, Jessie sang for Channing, belting out, "It's your birthday, do, do what you want," off-camera while she zoomed in on a black and white, comic book style graphic of a woman saying, "I want you."

In the clip, a man (who fans guess is Channing himself—which, TBH, seems like a pretty solid guess) can be heard laughing in the background. Watch the clip, captured for posterity by a Jessie fan account, for yourself below:

[instagram align='center' id='BwwhmThAcT3'][/instagram]

On Saturday, Jessie also shared a selfie with Channing on her story, presumably from their private celebration of his birthday.

[image id='8ca8e755-a8c9-4ac2-8525-fb9e0cebd0e3' mediaId='4c0cc534-2c14-4425-97aa-f375d2ee408e' align='center' size='small' share='false' caption='' expand='' crop='original'][/image]

Adorable, all around.

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