Beyoncé Had the Most Iconic Response to a Woman Leaning Over Her to Talk to Jay-Z

Last night at Game 3 of the NBA Finals, Beyonce and Jay-Z had front-row seats to support the Golden State Warriors. Fans were intrigued by what happened there — namely, that there was an interaction between the couple and the woman sitting next to them, and Beyoncé's epic, yet classy reaction.

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Last night at Game 3 of the NBA Finals, Beyonce and Jay-Z had front-row seats to support the Golden State Warriors. While Beyonce's only comment was to share her gorgeous tan outfit on Instagram, fans were much more intrigued by what happened at the game— namely, that there was an interaction between them and the woman sitting next to the couple, and Beyoncé had an epic, yet classy reaction.

The woman is Nicole Curran, married to Golden State Warriors owner and business exec Joe Lacob. In the video (below), Curran leans around the singer to chat with Jay-Z. You can see Beyoncé's smile fades from her face; she glances over at Nicole, and then she leans back to subtly distance herself and her husband.

It's not clear exactly what was said, which might have been what garnered the response from Bey. To be honest, it probably wasn't a huge deal that the two were talking, but the fact that she seems to exclude Beyoncé feels a bit...odd. But Beyoncé is 100 percent a class act, and doesn't let it get to her. Besides, there are plenty of other photos of the three looking perfectly natural, so chances are there wasn't an epic altercation afterwards. I mean, check out this photo, for example:

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But here's the full video, so you can assess the situation for yourself:

And Twitter fans collectively lost their minds, saying that they wouldn't have nearly as calm a response:

Queen Bey, classin' it up per usual.

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