J. Lo Shares New Video of Bringing Her Daughter Onstage to Sing in Front of 20,000 People

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    • Emme shares what it's like to, you know, have the coolest mom and get her likely music career started early.

        J. Lo has already shared intimate details from her "It's My Party" tour, including candid, off-the-cuff conversations about exactly when she's going to get married to fiancé A-Rod. But the latest one, released last night, offers a really sweetly personal moment—when she brings her daughter, Emme, on-stage to sing "Limitless" with her in matching red poofy outfits on the first night of her "It's My Party" tour. It's so cute. Is it weird to be envious of a teen? Because being J. Lo's daughter must be the absolute best. She's already claimed dibs on all J. Lo's best outfits, too!

        In the video, Emme explained that she used to be shy but wasn't anymore, although she admitted that 20,000 people was, you know, kind of a lot. I would die. She says she does (watches?) the concert from different angles each time to catch a glimpse of her mom and the dancers. Her least favorite part? She doesn't love getting her hair and makeup done. "It's annoying. That's why I always look concerned." Emme, I also feel that way, don't worry.

        J. Lo also shared excerpts from the video on her Instagram, captioning the photo, "So many gifts this bday tour is bringing me... and this is one of my favorites...sharing the stage and singing with my lil coconut...my heart is full...she is #limitless."

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        A-Rod also shared a video that shows his very dadlike shock and delight over Emme singing:

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