Jennifer Lopez's Kids Have Already Called Dibs on Her Most Iconic Fashion Looks of All Time

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    • Even though she could absolutely put her best outfits in a museum or set bidding records at auction for them, J. Lo says that her dresses are instead claimed by her and A. Rod's daughters.

        Last night's CFDA Style Icon Award winner Jennifer Lopez could legitimately have an entire museum dedicated to all her amazing fashion lewks through the years. (I would pay major cash money to see a "J Lo Style Exhibit," for sure.) But in an exclusive with Entertainment Tonight, J. Lo has a different idea about what to do with her very best outfits. Turns out they're already spoken for—by her and fiancé Alex Rodriguez's kids, apparently.

        "[A. Rod's daughter] Ella told me, 'I want your white GRAMMY dress with the Orchid,' and [my daughter] Emme is like 'What about that [dress], mommy? Are we gonna keep that? Don't throw that out,'" Lopez laughed. "They tell me all the time." The two girls, who are reportedly pals IRL and have started singing just like their mom/step-mom, toooootally have the right idea. Can you imagine going into that closet and picking whatever you wanted? I would swoon.

        J. Lo also reminisced about what she thought was her most iconic look ever, which is (surprising no one) her gorgeous, revealing green Versace dress from 2000: "I think that's the one that goes down in history for me," she said. "There's been a lot of great moments that I've had with different designers, in fashion and in videos and things, but that's probably number one."

        She also joked in a separate video that all the excitement around the dress at the time came from whether we were about to see an, uh, let's call it revealing look—a.k.a "whether or not my boobs were gonna pop out on stage," she laughed. No word on whether she's letting her kids claim that one (I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say they can't wear it for a whiiiile).

        Meanwhile, A. Rod gushed over J. Lo, calling her "The 🔥 of my 👁." He also, like the supportive partner he is, documented the red carpet and even snapped a photo of J. Lo giving her speech from his Instagram Stories.

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        Fire emoji is absolutely right.

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