Priyanka Chopra Is Giving Subtle Hints About Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas's Pre-Wedding Activities

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Priyanka Chopra seems like an amaaaazing friend: She's supportive, and fun, and funny. She's also a fun one to follow on social media, because she'll give juuust enough information about what she's doing to be exciting, but doesn't actually give anything sensitive or private away. Take this week for example: Priyanka's in Paris, France, for Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas's Paris wedding—technically their second, and not the legal ceremony. Priyanka hasn't posted a ton, but what she has posted has been a fun little glimpse into what the wedding party is up to this week.

Yesterday, Joe, Sophie, Priyanka, her husband Nick Jonas, and some close friends took a boat ride in Paris. Lo and behold, the view from their boat looks exactly like snaps taken from Priyanka's Instagram Stories (since expired), captioning the photo "And it begins..." So not only was that a signifier that she was in the city, but it turns out it was also a hint about their wedding-related shenanigans this week. Obviously, the exact connection could have been unintentional, but it was definitely Priyanka fully embracing their location and the special reason she was there—and an indication that they'd all be fully enjoying the city together, so in my mind it totally counts.

Case in point: This isn't the first time Priyanka has given tantalizing but respectful details about her friend. She also shared a few details about the nuptials themselves (there's going to be football and ruby, amazing), as well as the "surprise" Vegas ceremony that served as Joe and Sophie's official ceremony. "We were driving around this pink Hummer limo. I was outside the window. It was just epic. I had that long hair extensions that I thought was going to fly out of the window. It was that kind of night—a Jophie kind of night." (Oh yea, and she calls Joe and Sophie "Jophie," which I feel is amazing.)

Here's what she posted on Sunday:

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(Image credit: Priyanka Chopra)

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(Image credit: Priyanka Chopra)

This was the view on the boat yesterday:


(Image credit: Pierre Suu)

And here's a look at the vantage point of the boat as it drifted down the river Seine:

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(Image credit: Marc Piasecki)

Which looks exaaaaactly like her Insta Stories.

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