'Big Little Lies' Just Hit Us With Another Iconic Moment—and the Reactions Are Spectacular

Big Little Lies' second and final season is giving us summer's must-watch television. Last night, Nicole Kidman's Celeste slaps Meryl Streep's Mary Louise.

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Big Little Lies' second and final season is fully giving us some of summer's must-watch television. Reviews of this season have been mixed, but everyone can absolutely agree on the following: Meryl Streep is absolutely the best thing to happen to the show. And last night's episode was no exception, because Nicole Kidman's character Celeste straight up slaps Meryl's character Mary Louise.

Here's how it went down. Mary Louis makes an insanely incendiary comment about not believing Jane (Shailene Woodley) is a survivor of her son's assault, insinuating Celeste wasn't giving Perry (Alexander Skarsgård) what he needed at home. Celeste straight up cracks her across the face (smacking off her glasses in the process—daaaaamn), and Mary Louise barely bats an eye. "What shall we call that? Foreplay?" she asks, then flounces off.

Here's the scene (it's towards the end, if you want to skip through):

And here are just a few of the fans losing their minds over the epicness.

Thank you, HBO.

I didn't know I needed this right now, but I absolutely did.

Fans just could not even.

Dear lord.


Comparisons to other iconic slaps.

Lovin' that Will and Grace tribute.

When in doubt, always go with RuPaul.

Even Dave Chappelle!

The crossover I now need in my life.

So many conflicting emotions.

All of them, simultaneously.

Just take a moment.

Guys, this is bad.

I fear for the Monterey Five.

Can the show get any crazier? Probably. 

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