Will Meghan Markle Meet Beyoncé at the Premiere of 'The Lion King'?

Meghan Markle might join Prince Harry at The Lion King preview in London on 7/14. Also attending the premiere is Beyoncé Knowles—meaning we might get pics.

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So, this is incredible, and I want it in my life right this very second: Apparently Meghan Markle might join Prince Harry at The Lion King preview in London on July 14th. Also attending the premiere? Beyoncé Knowles. Soooo we might get Meghan and Beyoncé photos. Oh my God, you guys, this would make my entire life.

It's not clear whether Beyoncé and Meghan have met before, although they share friends including Serena Williams, and there are plenty of celebrity events and get-togethers that aren't publicized. Let's just say it doesn't look like the two have met publicly, so this would be a really big deal and might break the Internet.

According to HELLO!, Meghan is "keen" to attend the premiere but won't make a final decision until closer to the date. The premiere will also reportedly feature Chiwetel Ejiofor, Pharrell Williams, and Elton John, who attended and performed at their wedding. Since Meghan and Harry watched the show in 2016, when they were dating, The Lion King has personal meaning for them too. But, of course, I would also jump at the chance to meet Beyoncé, so in my mind that's the real reason she wants to come. 

Oh my God, what would they talk about?? Their shared interests (of which there are many)? What it's like to be royalty? That amazing portrait that Beyonce and Jay-Z just have hanging casually in their house?

Whomever snaps photos of their meeting will be the real MVP.

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