Kim Kardashian Posts Epic '90s Throwback Pics of Herself to Promote Her New Makeup Collection

Kim Kardashian is pushing our nostalgia buttons with her 90s inspired Mattes Collection. She gave the inspiration for some of her shades, including some shots of her as a teen.

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(Image credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin)

It has everything. Kim with a choker and huuuuge wide-leg pants, worn so low and baggy that I can see like 40 percent of her satiny underwear. (How did we ever think that was a good look??) Vintage technology. (I haven't seen a beeper in...20 years?) The thinnest of thin eyebrows. (I'm lucky I have any at all—I tweezed mine every single day, growing up.) And, of course, those matte-brown shades that look really good on Kim but sort of made me look like I was a tiny bit dead. Fortunately she has some lighter shades in there too.

Feast your eyes:

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(Image credit: Kim Kardashian)

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(Image credit: Kim Kardashian)

Kim, LOL on that beeper situation. Also, psssst, I can see all of your underwear.

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(Image credit: Kim Kardashian)

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(Image credit: Kim Kardashian)

Oh my God, old video games!! A common refrain: I'm real old, to remember those.

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(Image credit: Kim Kardashian)

Ironic plaid tied around the waist!! Also hey Kourtney, love the cameo!

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(Image credit: Kim Kardashian)

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(Image credit: Kim Kardashian)

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(Image credit: Kim Kardashian)

Drew!! Also, those pencil-thin eyebrows don't look good on anyone. Please let's never bring them back, k?

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(Image credit: Drew Barrymore)

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(Image credit: Kim Kardashian)

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(Image credit: Kim Kardashian)


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