Now You'll Be Able to Train with J. Lo and A. Rod, Thanks to a New App Partnership

A. Rod (through his corporation) announced a partnership he and Jennifer Lopez were doing with Fitplan, an app that works with particularly well-known trainers and fitness experts.

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We already know that Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez exercise together (usually in their own branded clothing, because why not). They are enormous couple fitness goals, and they're often posting videos of their intense joint workouts. Last night, they took it to the next level: A. Rod (through his corporation) announced a partnership he and Jennifer Lopez were doing with Fitplan, an app that provides videos, nutrition, and community working with particularly well-known trainers and fitness experts. They offer customizable fitness plans, including (apparently) the ability to get incredibly toned with your partner as you work out effortlessly together just like A. Rod and J. Lo.

Fitplan didn't provide an exact date, but they did say they'd drop the plan soon. They first teased the collab in late June, with J. Lo explaining why she works out before she performs and yelling at A. Rod as he exercises (lol):

Only J. Lo could make tight white exercise gear look hot, sigh. She's been honest about workout struggles in the past, saying, "I want comfort, you know what I mean?...But that’s like the devil; it’s like the little demons coming to get you. You have to feed yourself better, you know. But after a show I just want a cookie, I want a cupcake, I feel like I’ve just danced for 2 hours so I want something. But I can’t." SAME, J. Lo.

And here's the video from A. Rod Corp with the news of the official partnership, with the couple cuddling in between intense weightlifting (I think I see J. Lo helping one of their kids with her hair, which is a cute little cameo):

Ugh, am I going to have to get in shape now? I might.

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