Ryan Reynolds Shares a Gallery of Unflattering Pictures of Blake Lively for Her Birthday

Ryan Reynolds trolled his wife, Blake Lively, with a gallery of unflattering Instagram photos for her birthday.

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Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have a very special relationship. They are deeply, madly in love. They are each other's biggest fans—and they are also each other's biggest trolls.

The beloved Hollywood couple has a long history of trolling each other (in the most playful, loving ways, of course). While there's no day that's off limits for Blake and Ryan trolling, they do have a tradition of trolling each other every year on their respective birthdays and guess what? Today is Blake's.

To help his wife celebrate the big 3-2, Ryan shared not just one photo, but an entire Instagram gallery of unflattering pictures of her, including several with her eyes closed, some in which she is blurry and out of focus, and even one where she's cut out of the frame (a very traditional Blake/Ryan troll).

Take a look for yourself:

"Happy Birthday, @blakelively," Ryan wrote in the post's simple caption.


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Ryan's birthday is October 23, so mark your calendar to check for Blake's retaliation.

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