Kris Jenner Had to Persuade Kylie Jenner to Invite Her to Kylie's 22nd Birthday Party

Kris really had to talk her way onto that super-yacht.

I'll admit, this one made me chuckle. Kylie Jenner and Kris Jenner, while they might belong to one of the world's most famous families, are not immune to the usual mother-daughter problems. You might recall that Kylie rented a $250 million super-yacht the size of a football field to celebrate her 22nd birthday in August, on which she ferried (sorry) her friends and family around the Mediterranean. But Kris wasn't on the original invite list (and to be fair, how many of us invite our moms to our birthday parties?) In fact, she had to persuade her way onto that yacht, as she told James Corden on The Late Late Show.

As Hollywood Life reports, Kris told James that Kylie had never vacationed in Europe before. "So I didn’t want her to do it for the first time—you know, she’s been to Europe for work, like for a day or two. But she’s never gone for a vacation," she said. And that was Kris' ticket onto the yacht. "Well, you need me, that’s why I gave birth to you. You need me on your birthday!" she told Kylie. "So I convinced her first that she needed me on the trip." Think there were any, "Mom, you're embarrassing me!" moments? 

By the way, James also prodded Kris about what, exactly, you buy your billionaire daughter as a birthday gift —we've all seen that colossal purse closet, after all. Turns out the answer was another purse, or a "regular old handbag" in Kris' words. Something tells me it wasn't quite "regular" in the "I bought this eight years ago from Zara and the handle's been repaired four times" sense, but I don't know, I'm just thinking out loud here.

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Emily Dixon
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