Meghan Markle's New Smart Works Capsule Collection Just Became Shoppable

Meghan Markle is back from maternity leave officially today at the launch of her new capsule collection with Smart Works. As of this moment two items are already shoppable.

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Meghan Markle is back from maternity leave officially today! She'll be at the launch of her new capsule collection with Smart Works, created with friend and designer Misha Nonoo and partnering with designers like John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, and Jigsaw. Meghan teased the collab in the British Vogue she guest-edited, but now we're going to get a FULL look at everything. And yes, as of this moment two items are already shoppable. You're welcome. 

According to royal reporter Omid Scobie, "Five carefully-curated pieces will soon be available to buy in stores and online. For every item sold, one is donated to Smart Works, a charity which equips unemployed women from disadvantaged backgrounds with the tools, clothes and conviction to get back into the work place." While she's there, she'll also attend a panel discussion with Smart Works staff, clients, and volunteers.

It looks like certain items were available in advance—thought to debut on their websites this morning; The John Lewis leather tote (available in tan and black) looks just like Meghan's Everlane day tote. British fans have already spotted it and nabbed it for themselves, apparently. UPDATE: The tote has apparently sold out, but apparently that might just be a temporary thing, according to royal reporter Rebecca English. So keep refreshing (links below).

The Marks and Spencer Crepe Shift dress is legitimately less than $35 and comes in pink, blue, and black. It's apparently doesn't require ironing and fits just about every shape—again, Meghan really knows what she's doing with the whole "capsule wardrobe" thing.

The Jigsaw Paris One Button Jacket is "tailored for a feminine fit...fully lined and fastens at centrefront with a single button. Details include welt pockets at the front and a pleat in the centreback lining. Pair with our Paris trouser or new Paris skirt." A perfect black blazer, TBH.

Shop some pieces, below:

UPDATE: Meghan's now at Smart Works, wearing two of her pieces (natch): Jigsaw pants and Misha Nonoo white shirt, as well as butterfly earrings that apparently belonged to Princess Diana. What a sweet tribute!

Speculation started early about the potential items in the collection, given Meghan's fave brands. We also got an advance look at the collaboration on the Sussex Royal Instagram Stories, in which Meghan featured in a short video—and we got a glimpse at the crisp work shirt, blazer, pants, and dress potentially available.

We'll update the post as other items potentially become shoppable for U.S. customers. Get excited!

Sussex Royal also just posted some BTS pics of Meghan at the photoshoot:

SO glam and cute.

And we're getting shots of the crisp lewks from inside Smart Works, too:

Ugh can I be there right now, please?

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