There's a Surprising Link Between Kate Middleton's Old Job and Meghan Markle's New Clothing Line

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    • Kate was their accessories buyer for a short period in 2006, before she went on to work at her family's party-planning business Party Pieces. Maybe she and Meghan have chatted about what a small world it is??
      • ICYMI, you can still shop at least parts of Meghan's Smart Works line here.

        Meghan Markle launched a very small shoppable capsule collection for Smart Works yesterday, and it has been flying off the shelves ever since. But there's a sweet connection to Meghan's sister-in-law Kate Middleton that initially went unnoticed when the line had its initial launch—something that connects the two via one of Kate's earliest jobs right after her college years.

        According to People, "The collection features several business-inspired items sold at retailers including John Lewis & Partners, Markes & Spencer, and Jigsaw—the latter of which is the British shop where the Duchess of Cambridge worked when she was dating Prince William."

        First of all, Kate is so personable and has such good game face in times of crisis (while, for example, George is busy wreaking havoc on her floral arrangements somewhere and Louis is assisting) that she would do well in customer service and retail. But apparently her gig was pretty cool, by all accounts. According to People:

        "Kate worked as an accessories buyer for the clothing brand in 2006. She landed the job after she personally contacted Belle Robinson, the brand’s founder and a family friend. She reportedly spent a few days a week in their London office, where she acted just like any other employee. 'She sat in the kitchen at lunchtime and chatted with everyone from the van drivers to the account girls. She wasn’t precious,' Robinson told the Evening Standard in 2008."

        Kate quit the gig in 2006 and later went on to work in the family party planning business before she, you know, became a princess and a super-busy mom. I wonder if she and Meghan 1) even made the connection between each other and 2) reminisce about Jigsaw, old work gigs, or what a small world it is. I hope so—meanwhile I'll just be over here imagining 2006 Kate multitasking effortlessly at her old retail job.

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        Yes, exactly! (Seriously, I bet she crushed it.)

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