Jennifer Lawrence and Fiancé Cooke Maroney Were Seen at the Courthouse

A photographer accompanied the couple to the marriage bureau.

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Happy celebrity news alert! There's a strong chance Jennifer Lawrence and her fiancé Cooke Maroney, an art gallery director, might have tied the knot, after they were seen at New York's marriage bureau Monday. According to Page Six, they were accompanied by security guards, a friend— and celebrity photographer Mark Seliger, who you probably wouldn't bring along to your everyday, unmomentous courthouse visits. Lawrence and Maroney are reportedly planning a huge wedding celebration in October, so it sounds like this was a trip to make it official.

What's more, an unnamed onlooker documented the event on Twitter (though they've since deleted their tweet), writing, "When you go get your marriage license and Jennifer Lawrence walks by to tie the knot before your eyes. Yeah, kids, City Hall is COOL. The place to go!" Really sounds a lot like they're married, doesn't it?

Lawrence talked about her decision to marry Maroney on Catt Sadler's Naked podcast in June, as The Cut reports, and it all sounds overwhelmingly sweet. "It was just, it was so organic," she said. "I definitely wasn’t at a place where I was like, 'I’m ready to get married.' I just met Cooke and I wanted to marry him. We wanted to marry each other. We wanted to commit fully."

"He’s my best friend so I want to legally bind him to me forever. And fortunately the paperwork exists for such a thing. It’s the greatest," Lawrence continued. "You find your favorite person in the planet and you’re like, you can’t leave. So I wanted to take that offer."

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Cooke Maroney.

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What's more, dating Maroney helped Lawrence cope with going out in public, which is no small feat considering just how intensely the paparazzi document her every move. "I used to have a stigma about, you know, I’d get nervous before going to restaurants, or I felt like I couldn’t go to dive bars," she said. "Honestly, I was dating someone and I didn’t want to tell him about [it]. You know, I wanted to be normal and cool, so I just kind of hid that part of me and everything ended up being fine. And I was like, Oh, I can do this. It was cool."

Here is my verdict: You two sound extremely cute together.

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