Kylie Jenner Goes All in for Fall With a Tight, Sparkly Orange Jumpsuit

Kylie Jenner apparently feels that fall demands something a bit more special—namely, a tight, sparkly, bright orange jumpsuit—an intriguing choice given the recent news of her split from Travis Scott.

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Recently split from boyfriend Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner celebrated the start of October in a skintight orange jumpsuit.

Fans are reading into Kylie's recent posts, even though she hasn't commented about the split—some of her music choices seem...interesting, and this wouldn't be the first time she chose intriguing song lyrics.

ICYMI, here's what we know in the wake of the pair's split.

We all celebrate fall in different ways. Me, I like a good pumpkin-spiced something or other and a warm knitted sweater. Kylie Jenner, on the other hand, apparently feels that fall demands something a bit more special—namely, a tight, sparkly, bright orange jumpsuit that she's just casually modeling around in her home (you can tell because of the glitter on her walls in the background).

Lest we think this was an accident, Jenner captioned the photo with "hi october," so this is just her way of celebrating the season. I will be honest: I cannot pull this look off. But Kim Kardashian responded with, "🔥🔥🔥 🎃 🎃🎃," so we might be about to see a lot of orange from the Kardashian-Jenners in the next couple months.

Here's the original post:

It's like the adult version of that pumpkin costume you had to wear as a kid!

Meanwhile, fans are busy speculating about how much she might or might not be trolling new ex Travis Scott through her Instagram posts like this one and her recent Stories, in which her selfie videos have included lyrics like "What you on your last breath, your last sweat, your last dime? / Out of your f*cking mind":

So, I have no idea if the orange jumpsuit, like, means anything beyond the obvious? A not-so-subtle message about what a certain someone missed out on? (She looks great either way, though).

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