Selma Blair Finds Funny, Unconventional Inspiration in Her Hunt for a "Fun and Gorgeous Wig"

Opening up about her recent illness, Selma Blair jokingly explained she'd found a new wig—her horse's tail—which turned her ever-so-briefly into a platinum blonde.

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Now that Selma Blair's treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS) has finished, she's sharing her recovery with fans and the joy she's been experiencing getting back to the things she loves (including spending time with her horse, Mr. Nibbles). In fact, Mr. Nibbles features in a recent hilarious post about Blair's ongoing hunt for a wig until her natural hair grows back.

Blair poses with the horse's pretty white tail draped over her head. She captioned the photo: "Playing dress up with Mr. Nibbles...He was happy to allow my vision of finding a fun and gorgeous wig to become a reality."

She added, "However he put his hoof down when I suggested he may have to get in the car and follow me around town, attached to my head...So I sit here with some thin hair and no white horse in my bed...Enjoy this rare moment of me as a platinum blonde." She ended the post with a humorous #reducereuserecycle hashtag, which, lol, love it.

One commenter felt less enthused about the situation, writing, "I ❤ you but, that tail is too close to the you-know-what..." Blair replied, "😬. True. True." So it's all in good fun, clearly.

Here's the post:

It's clear that Blair's feeling happy and thankful these days. She also just posted a throwback photo of her 17 years ago while she was filming A Guy Thing, saying she was "in love" and "embracing life." "Memories on a Saturday night 17 years later," she wrote. 


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