Lizzo Covered Kylie Jenner's Hit Meme "Rise and Shine" in Concert

During a recent concert in Pasadena, California, Lizzo covered Kylie Jenner's viral "Rise and Shine."

Lizzo In Concert - New York, NY
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Kylie Jenner's "Rise and Shine" (opens in new tab) has transcended its place a viral meme and become something bigger—something almost (but not quite) like a real song.

That's a lot to ask of a two-second clip of audio, but that's where we are. In addition to spawning countless memes, a bopping EDM remix, and official merch (opens in new tab), the, um, track has now inspired legitimate celebrity covers—most recently by none other than the amazing Lizzo (opens in new tab).

During a recent concert in Pasadena, California, the "Truth Hurts" singer played her flute and then belted out her own rendition of the now-famous ditty.

Thankfully, the instantly-iconic performance was recorded and shared to Twitter. Watch it for yourself below:

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One fan summed up the only acceptable reaction to the clip, writing (opens in new tab), "When I thought I couldn’t love her any more than I already do she hits us with the anthem of the year."

Lizzo (opens in new tab) isn't the only celebrity who has dropped a cover of Kylie's "Rise and Shine" tune. Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson (opens in new tab) also recorded a cover, which they shared on Instagram this weekend:

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