Kylie Jenner's Daughter, Stormi, Thinks "Rise and Shine" Is a Travis Scott Song

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  • In a new Instagram post, Kylie Jenner shared video of her daughter, Stormi Webster, listening to an EDM remix of her viral "Rise and Shine" moment.
    • Stormi loves the track and smiles while dancing along and then points to Kylie's phone and says, "Daddy sing?"
      • When Kylie corrects her and explains that the song is mommy singing, Stormi asks that Kylie change the music and play one of her dad, Travis Scott's, songs instead.

        Kylie Jenner's viral "Rise and Shine" moment has been remixed as an EDM dance bop—and honestly, it was only a matter of time right?

        In case you've somehow missed the Greatest Artistic Output of Our Generation™, a little background:

        Earlier this month (on October 10, which you should note, since that day will probably go down in history now), Kylie Jenner treated fans to a video tour of the Kylie Cosmetics offices.

        During the tour, Kylie decided to give fans a peek at her daughter, Stormi Webster's, room at Kylie Cosmetics HQ (because, naturally, Stormi has her own room at her mom's corporate headquarters). Are you paying attention? Because this is where the magic happens.

        At this point in the video, Kylie pauses at a door, turns to the camera, and whispers, "We're gonna wake Stormi up and get out of here and show you guys her room," before opening the door to Stormi's room at the office.

        Once inside, Kylie turns on the lights, stands over Stormi's crib, and belts out the phrase "rise and shine" in song. It was glorious and Twitter immediately took the footage, ran with it, and turned it into all of the memes.

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        Kylie has been totally fine with her meme status, even sharing "Rise and Shine" memes herself and cashing in on the viral moment with official merch. But what does Stormi, the original audience of "Rise and Shine" think of the hoopla?

        Well, this weekend, Kylie shared a video of Stormi listening to the EDM remix of "Rise and Shine" that adorably (and hilariously) answers that question.

        In the clip, Stormi is all smiles as she dances along to the track—which she initially believes to be a Travis Scott song.

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        "You like it?" Kylie can be heard asking.

        "Daddy sing?" Stormi asks.

        "No, baby, that's mommy!" Kylie says off camera. "Mommy's singing!"

        At this point, the mood changes as Stormi pauses the song and hands the phone to Kylie and asks her to make daddy sing instead.

        "Oh you want Daddy singing? I'm not good enough?" Kylie asks.

        Stormi nods and erupts into a chorus of, "Daddy sing!"

        Listen (and feel free to dance gleefully to) the remix yourself below:

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        Fingers crossed that Travis Scott makes Stormi's (and our) dream come true with a cover of "Rise and Shine," STAT.

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