Kylie Jenner Is Capitalizing on Her "Rise and Shine" Meme Moment With Official Merch

Kylie Jenner went viral this week for her "Rise and Shine" cover. The moment became a meme and the reality star is now selling merch commemorating it.

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  • This week, a clip of Kylie Jenner singing "rise and shine" to her daughter, Stormi Webster, went viral. The moment was part of a video tour of Kylie Cosmetics HQ the star filmed to share with her fans.
  • Twitter united to poke fun of the reality star and beauty mogul's short serenade and the clip was quickly immortalized as a meme.
  • Kylie, for her part, didn't miss a beat. The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star capitalized on the moment by releasing official "rise and shine" merch on her website.

This week, Kylie Jenner shared an intimate moment between herself and her daughter, Stormi Webster, with the world and the internet responded by rallying together in a chorus of meme-fueled mockery.

Kylie, in true KarJenner fashion, responded to said mockery by monetizing the moment.

The moment in question? A short clip of Kylie singing "rise and shine" to wake her baby daughter up during a video tour of her Kylie Cosmetics headquarters. In the video, Kylie pauses at a door, turns to the camera, and whispers, "We're gonna wake Stormi up and get out of here and show you guys her room," before opening the door to Stormi's room in her Kylie Cosmetics office (because of course Stormi has her own room at Kylie Cosmetics HQ).

Once inside, Kylie flips on the lights and, while standing over Stormi's crib, belts out the phrase "rise and shine" in song.

If you somehow missed the clip, watch it immediately below:

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The moment quickly achieved meme status, and Twitter exploded with jokes about Kylie's "debut single."

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Kylie, for her part, was seemingly unfazed by the teasing, and even shared a "rise and shine" meme herself on Instagram:

The reality star and beauty mogul took things a step further on Thursday night, capitalizing on the memed moment with official merch on her online store.

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The Kylie Shop is currently offering two different "Rise and Shine" hoodies, for $65 each. There's a black version, featuring a small image of Kylie's face and the "lyrics" to the song on the sleeves:

And a white hoodie, again featuring Kylie's face, but this time with covered in musical notes and with the words "Rise and Shine" emblazoned on the front of the sweatshirt:

The moral of the story: Laugh at the Kardashian-Jenners all you want. They'll laugh right along with you—all the way to the bank.

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