Princess Charlotte Is "Confident" and "Loves Attention," According to a Royal Source

According to a royal source, Princess Charlotte is "confident" and "loves attention," while Prince George is more reserved. However George is becoming a great leader.

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  • One of the greatest pleasures of being a fan of the royal family is getting to watch the next generation of royals grow up.
  • According to the Daily Mail, a royal insider recently opened up about some details of Prince George and Princess Charlotte's personalities and how they interact together.
  • While George is generally reserved, the royal source says Charlotte is "confident" and "loves attention."

The Cambridge kids are growing up and their own unique personalities are shining through.

A royal insider recently gave new insights into the oldest Cambridge children's personalities—and their relationship with each other, according to the Daily Mail

While you might expect young siblings to squabble quite a bit, according to the royal source, Prince George, 6, and Princess Charlotte, 4, usually get along really well. Their arguments are apparently pretty rare and usually over minor issues.

"It's usually over silly things like toys or what TV shows they want to watch," the source said. "But most of the time they get on."

The insider also said that George is more reserved than his sister (which will surprise exactly no one who has ever seen a picture of them together in public), but that he's "coming out of his shell" as he gets older.

"Charlotte's extremely confident and loves attention," the source said of Prince William and Kate Middleton's only daughter, who has already earned a reputation for being playful in front of the cameras.

The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Take Part In The King's Cup Regatta

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Even though George isn't as naturally outgoing as his younger sister, the source says he definitely steps up to take on the role of the big brother with Charlotte and with Prince Louis.

"George is always looking out for his younger brother and sister and is already showing traits of making an excellent leader," the insider explained.

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