Demi Lovato Shows Off a Fake Baby Bump, and Fans Lose Their Minds

Is Demi Lovato Pregnant? She Has a Baby Bump for 'Will and Grace'

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Demi Lovato shocked and delighted her fans this week by announcing her new relationship with model Austin Wilson. And last night, she announced she was pregnant—pregnant for her role as Jenny on Will and Grace, that is, with an enoooormous belly bump that absolutely, 100% looks real and that totally tricked all her Instagram fans for a second.

Captioning the post "Real or fake?" Lovato cradled her fake bump in a cute navy polka-dotted dress. Fans (and fellow celebs) lost their minds. There was a lot of screaming and congratulating in the comments, although some people were highly confused. "I was shook for a moment..." wrote Kalen Allen. "Mazel tov," wrote Scooter Braun. Hilariously, some fans didn't read the caption and immediately got angry that she was announcing her pregnancy this way, and had to be corrected by other fans in the comments.

Clearly, Lovato is still in the early stages of her new relationship with Wilson after officially ending her relationship with Bachelorette alum Mike Johnson, whom I love. So: No big announcement, everyone! Just an amazing fakeout.

Here's the original post (I shrieked, out loud, by myself in my living room):

Oh and here is literally the post before that in which she announced her relationship:

Demi, I have whiplash.

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