Watch Alex Rodriguez Propose to Jennifer Lopez (Again) While They Both Work Out

These two. 

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Another day, another cute couple moment from Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez. The pair shared a joint workout video—one of many, at this point—in which the two work on the weight machines, high five, and just generally look adorable. At one point, A. Rod just kind of sidles over suavely to J. Lo, mid-workout, with a cup that reads on it "Marry me?" J. Lo giggles, then says yes (I mean, it would be weird if she said anything else but STILL). It's really cute and I love them both.

Side note: J. Lo, with the enormous mid-workout hoop earrings, is inspiring in my so much workout envy. I would for sure get them caught on something and rip them right out. Oh, and also that gorgeous white workout coord, but again, that is probably something only J. Lo can pull off.

The couple have just been oh-so-demonstrative since the start of their relationship but particularly recently. They just had a glorious engagement party, J. Lo dropped a couple hints about the venue and date, and she even took A. Rod on her tour with her. They absolutely know what the fans want, and you can absolutely bet we're going to get a million wedding photos once it actually happens.

Here's the original video:

Get married (and film it) already, guys!

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