Ariana Grande Responds to Her TikTok Video Doppelgänger

Ariana Grande took to Twitter to comment on the "bizarre" likeness between her and her TikTok video doppelgänger, Paige Neimann.

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  • A woman named Paige Neimann has been posting videos on TikTok as Ariana Grande's (opens in new tab) iconic Nickelodeon character, Cat Valentine.
  • Neimann's videos are spot-on, and so is her likeness to Grande. If you didn't know the videos were from a doppelgänger, it would be easy to assume Grande had made them herself.
  • The "7 Rings" singer took to Twitter (opens in new tab) earlier this week to personally respond to the videos, which she called "bizarre."

Ariana Grande (opens in new tab) has a near-perfect doppelgänger, and she's posting videos all over TikTok. The woman's name is Paige Neimann (opens in new tab) and her likeness to Grande is seriously uncanny. Neimann has been posting lots of videos of her Grande impression—or more specifically, of her impression of Cat Valentine, the character Grande iconically played on Victorious and Sam & Cat back in her Nickelodeon days. 

Everything about the videos, from the high, tight ponytail to the perfect contouring is on point, but the Cat Valentine voice appears to be Neimann lip syncing to dialogue from old episodes of the shows. Still, the overall likeness is so incredible that the real Ariana Grande (opens in new tab) felt compelled to take to Twitter to comment on Neimann's handiwork.

"I just wonder whyyyy the cat voice / dialogue," Grande tweeted (opens in new tab) in reply to another fan's post about Neimann's videos. "I am sure she is the sweetest sweet sweetheart forreal !! but it’s definitley bizarre seeing people blend the two worlds lmao."

Here are just a few of Neimann's incredible Ariana Grande videos (opens in new tab), but her full TikTok account (opens in new tab) is truly a treasure trove:

And, if you want to turn your amazement up to eleven, keep scrolling through Neimann's grid to get to her pre-Ariana impression posts to see what she looks like when she's not impersonating pop royalty (spoiler alert—she looks very different and it only makes her Ariana look that much more impressive).

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