Chrissy Teigen Films Daughter Luna Singing a Terrifying Song She Made Up

While daughter Luna was home "sick," Chrissy Teigen got video of her daughter singing a made up song that starts out cute and ... gets weird so fast.

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Last night Chrissy Teigen was live-tweeting and posting family stuff, as she so often does when she's home alone (seriously, there was a whole Twitter thread about night eggs that she leaves by her bed in case she gets hungry), and she decided to share with the world the most priceless and, frankly, horrifying video of daughter Luna Legend singing to herself a tune she made up. The whole family is really musical, including the kids, so it sounds like I'm overreacting and it might actually be the cutest, right? Nope.

Luna was home from school "sick" (read: she fooled her mom into letting her stay home, according to Teigen) and is on the couch in her PJs. It starts out super-adorable, with a whole "Mommy loves you" verse...and then things get weird. There's a "crazy as the days bit" and then there's a recurring line about "all the people are red or dead," which is frankly a little terrifying to see a little girl happily bopping back and forth singing something that could conceivably be a scene in a horror movie. "What," Teigen captioned the video. WHAT is right, Chrissy. (Also, in all seriousness, Luna! That song is weirdly catchy! Never stop.)

Fans and friends were immediately all over it. "TRADEMARK THIS NOW SHES A GENIUS," wrote her hairstylist Jen Atkin. "Was this in Frozen 2? 👀" wrote Teigen's Cravings account. "'All the people are red or dead!' Stephen King, your move," wrote Kirbie Johnson. "That super fast part is the best 'crazy as the days...' THAT’S THE HOOK!" wrote Ty Stiklorius. "Red Or Dead shooting straight up the charts," wrote Crissle.

Here's the video in all its terrifying glory:


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