Is Hilary Duff's Gorgeous New Lob for the 'Lizzie McGuire' Reboot?

Hilary Duff's Instagram of the Lizzie McGuire family on set has her just out of frame — and she also just quietly debuted a pretty lob haircut.

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Hilary Duff quietly got a major haircut this week (I think it's a trend—Chrissy Teigen also just got a haircut last night). It's a major change, literally inches off her 'do. Duff didn't really make a big thing out of the cut that I could see, so now I need to know: Is it a plot point on the new Lizzie McGuire reboot? When she got her Lizzie hair (blonde highlights, gorgeous) she told us all about it, so I'm thinking the reason she isn't being more forthcoming about this new look is because it's integral to the show. Or, I'm being crazy, and maybe shooting has wrapped and she just needs a change.

Fans first spotted the haircut when Duff added to her Instagram Stories that she was getting McDonalds for the first time in months as a little treat for herself (amazing):

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(Image credit: Hilary Duff)

Then, Duff posted pics of her doggos, and a few eagle-eyed fans noticed the hair:

Duff, in her infinite wisdom, also just shared a still from the Lizzie McGuire reboot with the FULL McGuire clan, and she is juuuust out of frame so it's a little tough to tell whether her hair is still long or not. Unrelated: The McGuire dancing with bowler hats? Yes please!!

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(Image credit: Hilary Duff)

If you remember, two weeks ago, Duff shared another still from set, and she had longer hair there:

So now I have all the questions (puts on tin foil hat).

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