'SATC' Star Evan Handler Says He'll "Welcome" Kim Cattrall's Return on His TV Set

She didn't see anyone while filming her cameo.

Evan Handler and Kristin Davis are seen on the set of "And Just Like That" on February 06, 2023 in New York City
(Image credit: Photo by Jason Howard / Bauer-Griffin / Getty)

And Just Like That cast members are happy about Kim Cattrall's surprise cameo... even if they didn't catch a glimpse of her whatsoever during filming.

In case you somehow missed this news, Cattrall—who famously portrayed the iconic Samantha Jones on the original Sex and the City TV and movie series—will be returning to the sequel for just one scene, after previously refusing (or not being invited, depending on who you ask) to appear on the new show.

Asked for his thoughts on Cattrall's cameo during a recent event, her costar Evan Handler—who plays Harry Goldenblatt—told People, "I think it is great. I do."

It was previously reported that the actress, who has carried on a very public feud with Sarah Jessica Parker in recent years, didn't see or speak to any of her fellow cast members while filming her scene for the season 2 finale.

"Apparently, [her cameo] was shot in the garage somewhere with no contact with anybody, so the only place I have to welcome her is into my living room when it airs on television," Handler joked.

Asked at what point he found out that Cattrall had accepted to return, he said simply, "I learned it the same day you did."

A source previously told Page Six, "Kim had two stipulations. One, that she would not act with any of the other girls, and two, she did not want to see [showrunner] Michael Patrick King."

The insider added, "She [Cattrall] will have gotten a s***load of money.

"It just shows the power of Kim. They still need her on the show. But even though this may get fans thinking she’ll be back for the next season, she’ll never do that. She was treated poorly."

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