Pippa Middleton's Chic Kate Spade Crossbody Is Still Shoppable

Adding to my holiday wish list.

  • As spotted by HELLO!Pippa Middleton stepped out in a gorgeous green Kate Spade bag that is still available in the U.S. 
  • The bag comes in two sizes and is still in stock (thank you, holiday gods!).
  • Here are all the details on Middleton's look and her probably unintentional twinning with sister Kate Middleton.

Pippa Middleton's festive green look earlier this week had a major standout: A pretty evergreen crossbody in a fun, of-the-moment green color. Well, great news—it's Kate Spade, and it's shoppable.

Stepping out with husband James Matthews, Middleton was super-festive in green and red, but not in an over-the-top, I look like a Christmas tree kind of way.

Not to mention, green is totally a quasi-neutral hue all throughout fall and winter, so it's got staying power in your closet—hello, low price-per-wear!

Technically there are two options available: the small version and the medium sized version. Middleton wore the medium version, which has a slightly smaller twistlock closure.

The smaller bag also feels like the color is ever so slightly different, but still adorable. I myself need all the room I can get in my purses, so I'd probably opt for the larger size myself.

FYI, in case you're not feeling the green quite as much, the medium version is also available in black, tawny (a beige pink color), and bright red.

TBH, I might love the black and red even more, because the metal heart detailing at the front is actually a different color than the bag itself. I will take all four colors immediately, please and thank you.

Not to dissuade you from getting it right now if you please, but there might be holiday sales or discounts as we get closer through December and into January, so you might also be able to put this in your cart and keep your eyes open...you know, JIC. 

Here's the full look, so that you can copy completely if you like:

I might also need that jacket (it's Mango).

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