Taylor Swift Is Wearing a Ring on That Finger In 'Miss Americana'

...But it's not what you think.

Update, February 3: Taylor Swift is, in fact, not engaged. The ring on her engagement finger, which fans spotted in her new Miss Americana documentary, is in the shape of a cat. When the documentary premiered, it was difficult to tell what the ring looked like exactly.

Original story, January 31: Wait, what?? Some eagle-eyed Taylor Swift fans have noticed that in her documentary Miss Americana, there's footage of her talking in her dressing room with a very large, sparkly ring on the ring finger of her left hand. Swift's boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, also features in the doc, in which Swift sweetly tells him she loves him. So are they headed down the aisle??

As first spotted by InStyle, in the scene in question, Swift is talking about not supporting Tennessee's Republican Senator-elect Marsha Blackburn. Surrounded by her family (including her mom, whose cancer she's opened up about recently), Swift explains, "I want to be on the right side of history." In her hand gestures, you can absolutely see the very shiny and also enormous bling on that finger.

It's a little hard to see in these stills and probably easier to see in motion, but reports are saying that it's a pear-shaped stone? Real talk: It could just simply be a ring that she's wearing? But you can absolutely guarantee that people are going to be watching her hands like a hawk from now on.

Sitting, Leg, Blond, Thigh, Arm, Knee, Neck, Joint, Mouth, Sportswear,

Sitting, Leg, Blond, Neck, Long hair, Human leg, Arm, Black hair, Mouth, Thigh,

Let's do a close-up on that.

Hair, Face, Cheek, Nose, Head, Arm, Blond, Eyebrow, Chin, Lip,

Swift's been keeping a low profile lately because of her mom, but she's also been releasing new music after a hiatus. Swift fans have been delighted that she's been more active, and have been speculating that certain lyrics in her seventh album Lover (dropped last August) that she might be hinting at an engagement. She loves to provide Easter eggs in her songs, videos, and social media posts. So is this the biggest Easter egg of them all??

Here's another view of Swift and her hand:

Hair, Leg, Shoulder, Arm, Blond, Sitting, Cheek, Joint, Long hair, Neck,

So that you can, like me, continue to speculate widely until we get some kind of confirmation from Swift herself. I have to know!!

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