Blue Ivy Carter Is the MVP at This Year's Super Bowl

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Blue Ivy thinks watching the Super Bowl is a cool way to spend a Sunday, and now I, in spite of not quite understanding football, think watching the Super Bowl is a cool way to spend a Sunday. The eight-year-old took her parents, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, to the big game, tossing a ball with her dad around the empty field before the game started. In the clip, which was shared widely on Twitter, you can see Jay-Z hand Blue the ball while the two stand on the field; Blue puts her iPhone on the ground, and tosses the ball to someone off-camera (Beyoncé??) like it's no big deal. Now, I am no football expert—okay, that's putting it mildly—but it looked like a great throw to me!

Here's the video:

In another clip, you can catch a sweet father-daughter moment between Jay-Z and Blue Ivy; Jay-Z slings his arm around his daughter and pulls her close as they walk.

But my favorite clip, by far, is of Blue Ivy animatedly texting someone (I assume texting?), thanks to the freaking memes that have accompanied it. Behold, please.

"Who Is J.Lo"

Checking Her Stocks

"The Super Bowl Is Some Bullsh*t"

Calling an Uber

Sending Emails

You can cancel the rest of the Super Bowl. Blue Ivy is already the MVP, thanks and bye.

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