Ben Affleck Went Blond for a New Film Role

Can't unsee.

Ben Affleck
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It is common knowledge among fans, Hollywood insiders and industry folk that Ben Affleck ~~commits ~~ to his movie roles. Take, for instance, Batman Just kidding. But Affleck, the proud owner of an ass-to-neck phoenix tattoo, is blond now. No, it's not a subtle, honey blond or even a '90s, fashion-y, chunky highlighter blond. He is platinum, bleach blond.

Affleck's questionable hair transformation is courtesy of Ridley Scott's upcoming historical thriller The Last Duel, in which the actor plays a 14th century man in medieval France. There has never been a greater need in history for a Pinterest board titled "Blond Hair Inspo."

Affleck co-wrote the film's screenplay—which stars Killing Eve's Jodie Comer as well as Matt Damon and Adam Driver as feuding knights—so he is the only person to blame for his hair color. The Oscar-winner has not yet commented on the decision, but be sure to look out for him lying about it and then lying about lying about it and then admitting it on Ellen...or something.

For those of you who tilted your head to the side upon seeing the photo and wondered, "Who does that blond man resemble?!?" here is a handy list of people the Marie Claire staff compared him to:

The Last Duel reportedly will open in select cities on Christmas Day. A holiday blessing.

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